A Classy Budget Hotel in Gurgaon

Hotel Host, Gurgaon Gurgaon Super Deluxe Room Hotel Host Gurgaon 2

Super Deluxe Room

Hotel Host, Gurgaon Gurgaon Deluxe Rooms Hotel Host Gurgaon 1

Deluxe Room

Hotel Host in Gurgaon is a leading budget hotel that provides a pocket friendly accommodation to guests. Apart from its friendly and elegant atmosphere, the hotel is easily accessible to guests. The hotel mostly caters to business clients who are in the city for work.

The hotel provides two room types to guests - Super Deluxe & Deluxe Rooms.Both the rooms are well-maintained and provide a comfortable and relaxed stay for the guests. The hotel staff are well-trained to cater to the exclusive needs of the guests. The hotel is ideal for guests who require their privacy and also want a personalized experience. 

At Hotel Host, we strive to provide you with an economical and truly hospitable experience!


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